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"Who knew hunting for letters could be so fun? This darling book highlights how letters of the alphabet can be found in the everyday environment of young children and the joy in discovering them. Coupled with rhymes and beautiful photographs of each letter, parents will read this book again and again with their child."

Anne E. Cunningham, Professor, Director of the Joint Doctoral 
Program in Special Education, University of California, Berkeley
Author of "Book Smart: How to develop and support successful, motivated readers"

"Let's Go on a Letter Hunt is a book that goes way beyond letter recognition. While it is perfectly suited for young students as a way to teach letter identification, it has depth to use in older grades as well. Each page utilizes environmental text in a way that students young and old will find intriguing and stimulating. Young students will be able to practice letter identification, older elementary students will gain insight into looking beyond the obvious visually but also applying inference into other literary and global situations. Even photography students could benefit from this book by noting details and narrowing their focus.

As I show these letters to my students, I see their eyes immediately darting around the classroom in an effort to spot letters that aren't obvious. They are excited to exercise their critical thinking skills. This book is a must-have teaching tool in developing the minds of our current visually-stimulated generation of students!"

Gretchen Jung, National Board Certified, Kindergarten Teacher 
San Jose Unified School District

"I applaud the creators of Alphie and his fun journey to explore letters and the first step toward life long learning. Alphie's facial expression and smile capture the reader's attention and launch you on a path of discovery, exploration and joy in the search of letters! The authors demonstrate their brilliance in having the reader discover letters in activities our children love the most; sports, art, ocean etc. If only they'd written this magical book when my oldest son was young!"

Heidi Hoehn-Felt, School Counselor, Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School
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